Drop day Guidelines

Because we are sick of sounding like a broken record, we thought we better do one of these blogs which we haven’t done in a longtime to outline how the drop day works. 

Drop days are our favourite part of the job, but if your new to the game it can become a bit tricky on what happens and how it works. 

So have a quick read through this blog to understand the guidelines on how to add to your vintage collection. 

It’s pretty simple really, we try and drop a whole collection once a month or sometimes every 3 weeks.

we usually drop vlogs detailing all the pieces that’s going to be in the drop so you can have a rough idea on what you want cop. 

we will give you a date and a time to which the website is unlocked and free to everyone. All you have to do is take a peep on our stories to set the alarm and it will give you a notification when the time comes. 


Speed kills so setting that alarm can buy you a lot of time and get you ready, waiting for the website to be opened 


To get to the website, the link will be in our “BIO” on our Instagram page, or type in ‘www.theattic.co.nz’. 

Once the site it opened it’s a “FREE FOR ALL” and first in first served. so you have to be ready.


If you want to be extra quick type in the “search bar” of the item you want e.g ‘Green bay packers’ and it should come up with all of the ones under that heading. 

Fire through your details and payment and the job is done and your package is on its way. 

SIDE NOTE: if your afraid that putting too many items in one cart is too slow and that you will miss out, you can do seperate orders and we will refund the shipping costs. 

hope that’s helps you out , but if you still have any questions please DM us on our Instagram page. 

Good luck to everyone and happy thrifting