Finding “handpickers” from the states

we had a lot of questions about who or where we get our clothes from. We first bought from a wholesale place.

first box feels we were just happy with anything. Soon came to realise that we wanted, bigger and better for everyone. We need someone on the ground who can provide us with what we want.

How we did it? Let me explain 

If you shoot 100 shots, one of them is bound to go in. That’s exactly what we did.

We scrolled and searched every person on eBay who was selling vintage and flicked them an email of what we were about and what we wanted. 

99 replies of “no thanks not interested”. To finally Having one who was passionate about vintage as we are who said “yes”. 

A few emails and zoom calls later we had found our guy. All the hard work sending emails back and fourth was worth it. 

You can use this method if you are looking to get into the vintage game, but it’s a marathon not a sprint. It won’t happen over night. 

If you are passionate about it you’ll put in the time. Find someone who is just as passionate and build a good relationship. 

Grateful for our hand-picker 

Happy vintage, Hope this helps.