How We Met

So, we’ve had a few messages lately asking of how Eunice and I met. I thought I’d write a long-story-short blog explaining it, as it’s been a while since I’ve done one.

Much like Romeo and Juliet, Bonnie and Clyde...Eunice and I also have an interesting story of how we met. 

I was on this dating app and went to swipe right...

Haha nah just kidding! Eunice and I first ever saw each other at the club...after looking back and fourth at each other for a while, Eunice boldly came up to me and asked for my name. I liked this girl already! We exchanged names and that was that.

As you do, a friend request on FB and a follow on Insta was sent. I tried adding her on Snapchat but took her about 2 years to accept it?! Talk about ‘playing hard to get’.

2 years on with very minimal contact, by surprise we bump into each other again at a flat warming. That night we were inseparable...I was mesmerised! I spent time getting to know her...more than just her name.

Here was me thinking we had a good night and we formed some kind of connection...

So I thought. A couple days went by with no communication from her. I thought stuff it, I like this girl...I’ll work up the courage and ask her on a date.

I was quickly shut down with the nicest “thanks, but no thanks” anyone could receive. Fair enough, she had only just got out of a relationship.

A couple months went by, and I bump into her again! It’s got to be fate. We get talking and the instant connection starts to re-spark. After a lot of messages and graft, I got the green light to a date!

From then on, we spent the summer together forming a very close bond and connection. We went on road trips, explored her home town up North, met each other’s families and many dates later...we were tied to the hip.

I had to have this girl.

I finally popped the question, and the rest is history.

Was a tough ride but we got there in the end and I can tell ya now, It was all worth it! 

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