From the idea of starting this business we have always wanted to find someone in the USA who could go out to thrift stores and flee markets in America and be our eyes and ears to hand pick certain vintage clothes we are chasing. 

The idea of having someone in the states picking vintage items that we love sounds easy right? So we thought. 

For the past 2 months we have put in a lot of effort trying to find that person to be our hand picker. Hours of sending endless emails and not receiving any replies back or some saying they weren't interested made the task at hand a very difficult one.

On the verge of almost losing hope to find someone we were delighted to receive a  reply in our inbox. "Hey guys I'm very interested, would love to have a video call". 

About 120 emails and a lot of people turning us down, we had found someone, and someone very good. Someone who is into thrifting and was as passionate about vintage as we are. A very successful video call and a couple emails later we were underway with our hand picking.

We are super excited and so happy. After putting in long hours and trying to lock someone down, we have finally done it. This is going to level up our business.

Having a hand picker allows us to choose each piece and decide what pieces we want within our drops. It will involve us providing monthly lists of what we are chasing and then he then goes on the hunt to find them. It allows us to feel somewhat like we are there ourselves going out to these thrift stores.

Our hand picker has enabled us to provide only pieces that we would wear ourselves, or have a connection with. This means better quality and more of what we want.

We have already picked a mix lot of jackets, crews, tees and hats that we love and are super pumped to get it here.

Levelling up!


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