Being a builder and Eunice studying and making coffees at maccas, we both found that waking up and having to go work for someone else is not what we wanted to do forever. This created the urge to be our own bosses.

We've both been interested in starting our own side hustle, but didn't know what.

One night before bed, we both unknowingly were reading up on the same blog on "How to start a vintage clothing business" by VintageKit. 

The next morning when we met up, we found that this was such a coincidence and both decided it was a sign to start. 

After a bit of research, we found Palmy didn't have anywhere you could buy vintage clothing in the area. Knowing the recent hype around vintage clothing, we saw this as an opportunity.

We both said "stuff it, we're doing this" and took the leap. Created an Instagram page, business name, and 25 crewnecks later we found ourselves the founders of The Attic.

Neither of us have business degrees, know very little about business but knew we wanted to learn more. We had the passion for vintage clothing. So we put the two together.

Not knowing how this would turn out, we tried not to think too much about it as we knew we would learn as we go. And that's exactly what's happened.

Only a month and a half in, we've already learnt a lot and are continuing to learn more. We're loving the journey, the process and the fact we can come home from work and do something we enjoy. 

We know we might not always get things right but that's how we're going to learn. We want to use this platform for not only selling vintage clothes but to inspire and educate others through our own experiences. Maybe you guys can feel inspired to start something of your own too. 

We want you all to come along on the journey with us and watch us grow from a small side hustle idea in our bedroom, to hopefully something bigger!

We're super excited to keep providing, inspiring and educating you guys through the "The Attic".


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