Have you ever been at a party or drinks


someone’s on the speaker and they play an absolute throwback banger that brings back some nostalgia


you get hyped then add it to the playlist? 


This is what I want to provide for you through “VINTAGE PLAYOFFS”


I love music and love listening to throwbacks so I wanted to share this with you guys


Vintage playoffs is where I put two music artists who are in the same league or who are similar and make them go head to head to see who has the better tracks


This is where you come in, I want to know your thoughts on who is better.


All you have to do is comment on who ya reckon is better and you can be in to win a $50 store credit. 


So at the start of the week I will post up a post of the two artist who will be going head to head for that week. 

From there I will drop the first vlog which will have a little snippet of about 3-4 songs from each artist going track for track


Later on in the week I’ll drop the 2nd vlog which will be the same as the first but with different songs 


we’ll count up the votes and see who comes out on top. We will draw the $50 store to one lucky winner at the end and repeat the process. 

that’s basically it.

Just a bit of fun around music. Comment , share, tag and let us know all your thoughts. Would love to hear who you would love to see go head to head too. 

Get amongst it and bring the ENERGY!!!