Sizing Guide

How to get the correct size for your T Shirts and other garments.

Most of the sizes from the US vary and aren't always true to the size given on the tag. We will always give our estimated NZ Men's Size in the garment's title.

Most T Shirt sizes are based on a length and width measurement when the garment is lying flat on a table, see example below.

We all have a t shirt we know fits us well, so why not use that as your guide.

To ensure you have the correct size for you, get your own shirt, lay it flat on a table and measure across the chest from one pit to the other (width), and then from shoulder downwards (length).

This will give you your L & W measurements, which will be
 listed on the product's page.

If in doubt always choose the next size up as it's better to have a slightly oversized fit, than a tight one.